Campus: San José State University -- April 26, 2004

King Library Receives "Savings By Design" Award For Energy Savings From Pacific Gas And Electric Company

PG&E hands over check to the City of San Josť and San Josť State University

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library has been awarded a $250,000 "Savings by Design" program award by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. PG&E will present the check to university and city officials during a brief ceremony at the King Library on Thursday, April 29, at 3 p.m. in the atrium. The library's construction was a joint project between San Josť State University, the City of San Josť and the San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

PG&E's savings program encourages high-performance nonresidential building design and construction. The company offers financial incentives for building owners and their design teams to construct a highly energy-efficient building through a process of collaborative design with PG&E.

"Resource efficiency, responsibility for the environment, human productivity, quality of life -- are all essential benefits of well-designed buildings," said Frank Regan, vice president of governmental relations for PG&E. "Only a few design professionals achieve a rare combination of superlative design and creativity, environmental sensitivity, and innovative energy efficiency solutions. The King Library meets these standards."

According to PG&E, the library's final energy savings came in at 1,511,100 kWh per year, well above California's Title 24 Energy Code requirements. These savings were obtained through better glazing and new technology in lighting design and control systems, which reduced the cooling and heating requirements of the building by 44 and 31 percent respectively. The design team of Flack + Kurtz, mechanical and electrical engineering consultants, and Carrier Johnson Architects are credited with working together to achieve the most efficient building design within the budget constraints.

San Josť Mayor Ron Gonzales will participate in the check ceremony along with SJSU's Don Kassing, vice president of administration and finance, and PG&E's Regan. After the ceremony, tours will be available to help the news media understand the design intricacies which led to this award. The public is invited to the check ceremony event.

The King Library, located at 150 East San Fernando Street, is the first library in the nation to be co-managed by a city and major university.

Contacts: Nancy L. Stake, SJSU, at 408-924-1166; Lorraine Oback, SJ Library, at

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