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The CSU Library Communication Center is a system that will allow for rapid communication between the Chancellorís Office, CSU library staff, subject specialists and specific interest groups within the CSU library community. It is designed for ease of use and quick updating of directories by the Campus Administrators. The system is IP authenticated and is therefore securely shielded from outside viewing.

At the core of the system is a database of all campus library subject specialists which is created and maintained at the local campus level. Each university in the CSU has an Administrator assigned to ensure that the data for that campus is always current. Each record contains not only the primary contact information for individual staff members, but also allows them to be connected to specific core curriculum areas, non-core curriculum areas and specific interest groups within the CSU.

With the entire CSU campus library staff entered into the database, it is possible to list all the members who meet certain criteria as well as send messages within those groups. If the Chancellorís Office needs to make a rapid decision on an issue affecting the science databases, for example, they have one place which now facilitates such an exchange, quickly and easily.

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Last Updated: November 9, 2010