Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL)

Faculty Service in the CSU

Service is, as are teaching and research-scholarship, a traditional responsibility of university faculty. Service takes many forms: some examples include working for the benefit of the community, active participation in professional organizations, and serving the university through committee work, assigned projects, or participation in shared governance. A more thorough description of activities and resources relating to service to the University can be found at this CSU Faculty life, service Web page and at CSU Academic Senate Principles and Policies for Faculty (.pdf).

Service is one mechanism in which you can actively participate in improving the policies and procedures of the university, from your department, college, and university, to the system level. The Academic Senate is a recognized voice of the faculty on campuses that offers many levels of participation. Visit the campus academic senate Web sites or the CSU Statewide Academic Senate Web site for more information.

Maintaining balance between quality instruction, scholarly pursuits and service can be difficult. However, campuses have all developed retention, tenure and promotion documents to reflect how faculty performance in each of these components is valued at that institution. To better understand your campus expectations, read your Institution's retention and tenure document and avail yourself of mentoring and advice from your program heads, deans and others who will participate in your review.

Last Updated: March 23, 2012