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Buzzcut 2000

Jonathan Middlebrook
Department of English
Literature Program
San Francisco State University

Assessment, be not proud, although thou art
The buzzword of the day. The whirligig
Administration brought thee in, the whirligig
Will turn thee out when newfangleness
Agrees some other cloud's a camel.
When real, Assessment, thou art part of each
Good teacher's art: set goals and share 'em
With the students, reach for 'em, save what works,
And can the rest.—If necessary send Polonius
His report: one can't shame a shameless man,
And one's mock'ry is showing off. So let's go lightly,
Latinate, and about our business, teaching
The best, and not so, that has been thought and said.
Nice work, if you can keep it.—Union, Yes!

Posted January 22, 2001

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Publication in this journal in no way indicates the endorsement of the content by the California State University, The Institute for Teaching and Learning, or the Exchanges Editorial Board.
©2001 by Jonathan Middlebrook

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