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The CSU Symposium on University Teaching is organized each year by the CSU Faculty Development Council with support from The Institute for Teaching and Learning. Each year for nearly two decades, the symposium has convened faculty from all 23 CSU campuses to engage with nationally-recognized leaders in higher education and to share research findings, pedagogical innovations, and best practices for reaching and teaching the students we serve.

"Productive Disruption":
20th Annual Symposium at Cal Poly Pomona, April 13-14, 2018

In the 2017-18 academic year, the symposium will be presented in conjunction with Cal Poly Pomona's "PolyTeach: Technology and the Innovate University," and the theme is "Productive Disruption."

What are we doing in our classrooms or with our students that's out of the ordinary and helps them think more deeply, achieve more ambitiously, succeed more forthrightly? Ultimately, what are we willing to change, and change widely, to get the best results for our students?

Uri Treisman, UT Austin Professor of Mathematics and MacArthur Foundation Fellow, will give the plenary keynote. Program highlights include a session with Robert Talbert, Grand Valley State, on "Flipping the Classroom"; "Active Learning with iClicker," with Deb Pires, University of California Los Angeles Center for Education Innovation in Life Sciences; and Janine Kremling, CSU San Bernardino, co-editor of "Why Students Resist Learning." For more details, visit the conference website.

Presentation proposals are due December 11, 2017.
Conference registration is now open.

Recent Symposia

The 19th Annual CSU Symposium was held at San Josť State University on October 21 & 22, 2016. The theme was "Promoting Student Success through Innovation, Creativity, Diversity, & Teamwork." The symposium included a keynote by Kathryn Planck, entitled "Working Together to Create a Community Where All Can Succeed," as well as paper presentations, poster sessions, and lightning talks by faculty on diversity, high-impact educational practices, innovative collaborations, resilience, technology, and CSU-supported curriculum development and redesign.

The theme of the 18th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching, held March 13 & 14, 2015, at Cal State LA, was "GRIT: Exploring Perseverance, Mindset and Character in the Classroom."

Keynote speakers were Dr. Rachel Beattie, Director of Productive Persistence at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in Stanford, California, and Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Coordinator of Instructional Development and Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Both are engaged in compelling research that gets to the heart of how students learn best and stay in school. They shared proven approaches to increasing student engagement and rates of persistence at a practical, hands-on symposium.


Over 70 faculty members from all 23 CSU campuses attended ITL's 2016 Summer Institute, What Works: Designing Teaching for Diverse Learners, at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach in July. Charting a path toward the CSU Graduation Initiative's goal of closing gaps in opportunities for all students by 2025, the summer institute focused on proven strategies that can be implemented at the course level to create inclusive climates and engage all students in deep learning.

Following a keynote by Dr. Linda Nilson, Director Emerita of the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation at Clemson University, entitled "Self-Regulated Learning: Active Learning on the Inside," CSU faculty facilitated hands-on sessions on measuring the promise of a syllabus, fostering critical habits of mind, teaching transparently, culturally relevant and inclusive pedagogy, and understanding first generation college students. Detailed descriptions and outcomes for each session are in the conference program.

Suggestions for other events or areas of faculty development that you believe ITL should consider supporting can be sent to the director.

Last Updated: May 24, 2018