International Programs

Prospective Students: Scholarships


There are many different kinds of scholarships available to the study abroad applicant. Talk to your CSU IP Campus Coordinator to find out more about what kinds of scholarships you may be eligible for. In addition to the numerous scholarships available, there are three scholarships offered by the CSU International Programs. They are:

  • IP Scholarships
    Made Possible through the generosity of former IP participants, the award is $500. Approximately five awards are made each year. Applications are available online or from your campus IP Coordinator and are due February 1 (May 1 for Australia/New Zealand). Open to all IP participants except applicants for Japan, China and Taiwan.

    IP Scholarship Application (.pdf, 175KB)

  • Wang Family Scholarships
    Recognizing the importance of international education, the Wang Family generously provides scholarships for study in China and Taiwan. Ten $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to students for study in China, and ten $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to students for study in Taiwan. Applications are due February 1.

    The Wang Family Scholarship Application (.pdf, 168KB)

  • Japan Scholarships
    The Ward Wallach Memorial Scholarship (One $500 scholarship awarded mid-year during your year abroad) and the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) Scholarship (approximately 80,000 Yen total, paid in equal monthly installments). Usually only 1 or 2 JASSO Scholarships are awarded to CSU IP students each year. Students need not apply for either of the aforementioned schlolarships. All Japan participants are considered and will be informed if they are awarded a scholarship.