International Programs

Spain: Eligibility

  • Enrollment at a CSU campus not late than spring term prior to departure or eligibility to enter from a California community college by fall term of the program start date.
  • A cumulative GPA for all higher education work of 2.75 at the time of the application deadline and a "B" average in all Spanish language courses. Students with a cumulative GPA below the stipulated level will be considered when special circumstances exist. These special circumstances must be addressed in the application.
  • Upper-division or graduate standing by the end of spring term prior to departure.
  • Completion of at least 2 years of college-level Spanish (intermediate Spanish) by the end of spring term prior to departure with a "B" average. Students who wish to take Facultad courses beyond the minimum requirement need additional preparation in Spanish. Graduate credit is not granted for Reunidas courses. Some upper-division coursework in Spanish, while not required, is recommended.
  • Native Spanish speakers with strong composition skills are also eligible.
  • The program in Spain is open to students from all majors who wish to concentrate on their Spanish language skills and who understand that coursework is primarily only offered in Spanish Language & Literature, supplemented by courses offered in the humanities and social sciences. See the IP Bulletin for details.
  • All applicants are advised to apply for a passport immediately. Delaying this may jeopardize your ability to participate in the International Programs.
  • Participants should not make any plans to travel internationally prior to the program start date as cumbersome visa application procedures may make it impossible to travel abroad early.