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Photo Essay

Jasmine Suggs

Find out how Jasmine Suggs spent her year abroad in Florence, Italy.

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Italy: Living Abroad

Student Activities

As a supplement to classroom study, IP arranges a number of field trips designed to acquaint students with various regions of Italy. In addition, the group has a number of festive group activities in observation of major Italian and American holidays. Students are also encouraged to volunteer for the school yearbook and the Student Advisory Board.

In addition, activities such as ballet, theatre, operas, etc. are organized by the Florence staff, as well as cooking classes, conversation exchanges and volunteer opportunities in the Florence community.

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Students are housed initially in simple hotel accommodations for a period of 7 days. Breakfast and dinner are included. During this period, they arrange for their permanent housing for the year using information provided by the program staff and housing counselor in Florence. Most students take apartments within walking distance of the study center. Living with a Florentine family is possible but can be more difficult to arrange and is usually more expensive. Some students choose to live with Italian students, which require more time and effort.