International Programs

Israel: Academic Programs

Host Institution
  • University of Haifa
Preparatory Language Program

IP students begin their studies with an intensive Hebrew language study called "Ulpan HaKayitz". Concentrated daily study of spoken and written Hebrew is supplemented by field trips and lectures on various aspects of economic, political, and social life in Israel. Instruction of offered at all levels to accommodate students regardless of their previous experience with Hebrew.

Academic Year Courses

All CSU students must enroll in 15 units per semester. In addition, students must take at least one Hebrew or Arabic language course at the appropriate level of study (based on placement examination results) during both the fall and spring semesters.

The International School is an interdisciplinary department within the University of Haifa offering courses in English including: Hebrew & Arabic Languages, History, Jewish Studies, Literature, Middle East Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Political Science, Psychology. In addition to the courses taught in English by the International School, students with sufficient Hebrew language skills can also take courses in regular departments of the university.