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Danielle Smith

Find out how Danielle Smith spent her year abroad in Paris, France.

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France: Living Abroad

Adjustment to the Host University

In France, you must adapt to the structure of the traditional European university which differs from American institutions. For example, the typical European class consists of formal lectures by the professor with little or no student participation. Courses are less structured. Students may receive a reading list, but there are ordinarily no syllabi. Students are usually tested only at the end of each term.

Student Activities

IP arranges field trips to acquaint you with the surrounding regions. Other activities include occasional group dinners and parties for special occasions. In addition, you may want to take advantage of SUFLE (Aix) or MICEFA (Paris) organized trips for sightseeing and recreation.

2011-2012 Aix-en-Provence Participant Blog:
Housing in Aix-en-Provence

Students stay in program-arranged housing upon arrival. During the academic year, students have two housing options: studio apartment or homestays. Most IP students live in studio apartments. Homestays are available on a limited basis only.

Housing in Paris

Students will stay in program-arranged housing upon arrival at the Cité Universitaire. They can then locate permanent accommodations during the orientation period. Most students take small studios or shared apartments. Homestays with demi-pension are also available. Au pair positions are available only on a limited basis.