International Programs

Denmark: Academic Programs

Host Institution
The Program in Architecture & Design

The program includes studio, lecture, and seminar courses on Scandinavian and Danish architecture and design. Architecture courses are supplemented by instruction in the Danish language. The program also includes course-related study tours guided by faculty to western Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, and The Netherlands.

The Program in Child Diversity & Development

Denmark has a long tradition of excellence in the care and education of young children. The program includes a theory and a practicum course both semesters. It is relevant to students interested in careers in teaching, human development, psychology, or professions related to working with young children and their families.

The curriculum focuses on how ethnic diversity and multiculturalism are perceived and practiced in Danish early childhood education, as well as on how children with special needs are integrated and included in Danish educational practice.

Both semesters include a study tour within Europe. Study tours include a short tour to within Denmark and a week-long tour to London in the fall and Stockholm and Tallinn in the spring.