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Photo Essay

Jonathan Hsu

Find out how Jonathan Hsu spent his year abroad in Beijing, China.

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China: Living Abroad

Adjustment to the Host University

In China, university professors are treated with utmost respect. Students are expected to behave according to Chinese standards. This means arriving to class on time, dressing conservatively, and not eating in class. The traditional Chinese education system is based on a system of tests whereby students are graded on memorization. Depending on the professor, there may be less participation in class and more expectation for students to sit and listen to lectures. Class attendance is mandatory.

Student Activities

In Beijing, students are encouraged to learn more about Chinese traditions and culture by enrolling in extracurricular classes offered through the School for Overseas Studies, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, and martial arts. In addition, IP will arrange field trips designed to acquaint students with the unique culture and environment in different parts of China.


University housing is very tight. Exchange students can live in the on-campus dormitories but space is limited. Shared and private rooms are available and cost will vary depending on availability. All campus dormitories, including the most basic, are equipped with telephones and Internet hook-ups. Various types of off-campus housing options are also available.