International Programs

Architecture: Living Abroad


Chile: IP makes temporary housing arrangements for you upon arrival in Santiago. During the first two weeks the program assistant will help you look for permanent housing. Many students live with host families, while others find apartments. Some rooms are also available at privately owned residence halls.

Denmark: DIS arranges housing for IP students. Students may live with Danish host families, in the Danish “Kollegium”, in student resident halls, or in shared apartments. Each is described in more detail on the DIS Web site.

Germany: While housing space is very limited in German university towns, IP is able to arrange housing for participants in university dormitories or in rented rooms. Reasonably priced meals are available in student restaurants. Please note that students with spouses or accompanying children will require extra consultation. University housing restrictions may apply.

Italy: Initially, students are housed in hotel accommodations for a period of seven days. During this period, they arrange their permanent housing for the year using agencies and information provided by the housing counselor in Florence. Most students take apartments within walking distance of the CSU Study Center. Home stays are possible but can be costly and more difficult to arrange.

Mexico: The Tec makes arrangements for all students to live with host families for fifteen days upon arrival. Students may decide to continue living with their host families or to locate other housing on their own for the academic year.