International Programs


CO Staff manage program operations. A student interested in the International programs should contact the IP Coordinator on his or her CSU campus.

Chancellor's Office Staff
Contacts Contact Information
Leo Van Cleve

Office of International Programs
Office of the Chancellor
California State University
401 Golden Shore, Sixth Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

For international students who have been nominated by their home university to come to the CSU:
CSU Exchange

For CSU students who plan to participate in an IP year abroad:
IP Student Affairs

For CSU students with questions about the reporting of their coursework from abroad:
IP Academics

For CSU students with questions on program costs, payments and financial aid:
IP Fiscal Affairs

Associate Director
Lilian Audet
Assistant Director, Finance
Renata Bouwmeester
Assistant Director, Academic Services
Amy Roshannon
Assistant Director, Student Services
Carolyn Esguerra-Castillo
Student Financial Specialist
Danielle Pattee
Student Services Assistant
Elsa Sanchez
Student Records Assistant
Jolene Colman
Department Secretary
Megan Ostovarpour
Academic Services Assistant