International Programs

Admitted Students: Before You Go

You should keep in mind that you may experience a great deal of difficulty in trying to take care of academic formalities at your home campus once you are overseas. You should handle certain matters before you go. Examples are:

  • Taking-and passing-all English and mathematics proficiency exams required by your campus
  • Arranging an independent study project
  • Changing or adding a major or minor
  • Filing a petition for course substitutions or waivers
  • Clearing up any incomplete coursework

If you plan to graduate during or at the conclusion of your year abroad, your graduation may depend on the planning you do before you depart! Critical items to consider are:

  • Having a graduation evaluation done; some campuses require this before applying to graduate
  • Filing an application to graduate
  • Applying for graduate admission to your campus if you graduate mid-year
  • Completing proficiency examinations in math or English that are required for graduation
  • Knowing that grades will reach your campus some time in the summer or even later; you should apply for summer rather than spring