International Programs

Before You Go: Health Insurance

CSU policy requires that all study abroad students be insured. Therefore, all IP participants are covered by Accident and Sickness Insurance for CSU Students Studying Abroad, included in your IP program costs.

This insurance is only valid outside the US and is considered a primary medical policy. This means that if you have other insurance coverage with another company outside of IP (e.g. through your parents) the IP insurance carrier is your primary coverage. Carefully study the policy limitations and exclusions provided in the brochure. This policy only covers illnesses associated with pre-existing conditions up to $1,000. For details regarding coverage of medicines or drugs prescribed for outpatient treatment, please refer to the brochure. The policy includes a major medical provsion with a $0 deductible, and an accidental death benefit. We should also mention that many of the host countries require students to purchase local coverage, which provides students with additional coverage.

Please Note: The CSU policy can pay for covered expenses upfront ONLY IF you contact Europ Assistance USA (through ACE travel assistance) at (202) 659-7803 (call collect) and a case is opened for you. If a case number is not provided, you will need to pay for any service or medicine up front and file a claim later.

The required insurance goes into effect the day before you are asked to arrive overseas and remains in effect as long as you are enrolled in classes with IP. No insurance premium refund is given once you depart the US for your study center. If you withdraw or are disenrolled from IP prior to the end of the academic year, you forfeit participation in the health and accident insurance plan effective on the date of withdrawal as established by OIP. Although the health insurance coverage has proven adequate for most IP participants, it is not a comprehensive policy. You should carry your insurance card with you at all times.

Insurance Brochure & Claim Forms:
(Click on 2013 International Programs. Then click on pdf for the Brochure or Claim Form.)

Europ Assistance USA - Your CSU student health insurance policy includes emergency travel assistance coverage administered by Europ Assistance USA. This is a supplemental part of your health insurance policy valid around the world and can assist you if you should need emergency medical care or travel assistance while traveling abroad, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To access this benefit, you MUST contact Europ Assistance and let them make all arrangements for any services that you need. Some of the services provided are listed in the insurance brochure.

Upon request, pre-trip counseling for any countries you will be traveling to can be provided by Euro Assistance. They can also answer questions you may have about your prescription medications before departure or help you replace a prescription while traveling.

For further information on the services provided by Europ Assistance, please see the brochure, or contact Europ Assist at: (202) 659-7803 (call collect) or Stacey Weeks at Alliant Insurance at (415) 403-1448.