International Programs

Before You Go: Emergency Information

What constitutes an emergency?

An emergency is anything that places the student at risk, whether illness, an act of violence, civil unrest in the host country, a missing student or a natural disaster. As you can see, emergencies are not necessarily medical. Emergencies are unplanned or unexpected occurrences that jeopardize the health, safety or well-being of a student or a group of students.

Emergencies are NOT: losing a textbook or digital camera, sore throats or ear aches. For such medical conditions, simply visit a doctor. The international office at your overseas center will provide you with the names of doctors and hospitals to use at your on-site orientation.

Who should be contacted in the event of an emergency?

If the emergency occurs overseas, contact the local emergency services immediately (police, fire, ambulance), if necessary, but, most importantly, contact the on-site, international center staff or the CSU Resident Director. You will be given their contact information at orientation and you should keep it in a safe place where you can refer to it if necessary. Program their numbers into your cell phone for quick reference. The local people at your overseas center are best equipped to provide immediate and appropriate assistance in the event of an emergency.

Once you have communicated to the local staff, inform the Office of International Programs (OIP) in Long Beach about the emergency and we will provide any additional assistance that we can. You can telephone OIP at: (562) 951-4790 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST).

After hours or on weekends you have access to an emergency travel assistance service called Europ Assistance USA. This is a supplemental part of the mandatory health insurance policy that all CSU IP participants have purchased. For any serious emergency situations they should be contacted as soon as possible.

Europ Assistance Contact Information
Call from within the U.S. (800) 243-6124
Call collect from outside the U.S. (202) 659-7803
or E-mail

Travel Assistance Services: In addition to the protection provided in this plan, ACE USA has arranged with Europ Assistance USA to provide you with access to its travel assistance services around the world. Theses services include:

  • Medical Assistance including referral to a doctor or medical specialist, medical monitoring when you are hospitalized, emergency medical evacuation to an adequate facility, medically necessary repatriation, and return of mortal remains.
  • Personal Assistance including pre-trip medical referral information and while you are on a trip: emergency medication, embassy and consular information, lost document assistance, emergency referral to a lawyer, translator or interpreter access, medical benefits verification, and medical claims assistance.
  • Travel Assistance including emergency travel arrangements, arrangements for the return of your traveling companion or dependents, and vehicle return.
  • Access to a secure, web-based system for tracking global threats and health or location based risk intelligence.
  • Crisis hotline and on the ground security assistance to help address safety concerns or to secure immediate assistance while traveling.

When you call, please be prepared with the following information: 1) name of caller, phone number, fax number, and relationship to Covered Person; 2) Covered Person's name, age, sex, and the policy number for your insurance plan, and your Plan Number (01AH585); 3) a description of the insured's condition; 4) name, location, and telephone number of the hospital or other service provider; and 5) other insurance information including health insurance, workers' compensation, or auto insurance if the insured was involved in an accident.

This information provides you with a brief outline of the services available to you. These services are subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy under which you are insured. A third party vendor may provide services to you. Europ Assistance makes every effort to refer you to the appropriate medical and other service providers. It is not responsible for the quality or results of service provided by independent providers. In all cases, the medical provider, facility, legal counsel, or other professional service provider suggested by Europ Assistance are not employees or agents of Europ Assistance and the choice of provider is yours alone. Europ Assistance assumes no liability for the services provided to you under this arrangement, nor is it liable for any negligence or other wrongful acts or omissions of any of the legal health care professionals providing services to you. Travel assistance services are not available if your coverage under the Policy providing insurance benefits is not in effect.

Note: Europ Assistance is NOT an insurance company but rather an emergency assistance company which provides international services in conjunction with the insurance benefits covered by your health insurance policy. They do NOT reimburse for any of the above-mentioned services, but rather coordinate and provide such services as needed according to their judgment of the situation. We cannot stress enough how important it is to call Europ Assistance as soon as you are able when any emergency arises to ensure maximum assistance from them.