International Programs

Academic Reporting for CSU IP Students

At the conclusion of the student’s study abroad experience, the OIP evaluates, translates and reports all courses in which the student was enrolled, units attempted, and grades earned to the student’s home campus on what OIP refers to as an “Academic Report”.  The Academic Report is the official and the only academic record provided for the entire year abroad.  Mid-year reports are not provided.

The Academic Report is automatically provided to each student (which is sent to the student’s permanent address on file), the student’s Study Abroad Office and the Registration/Records Office at his/her home campus for posting to the student’s CSU academic record. 

Once courses, units and grades are posted to the CSU campus transcript, the CSU transcript becomes the official record of courses taken abroad. Note that courses are regarded as resident credit, and grades earned while on IP will be computed in the cumulative grade point average on the student’s CSU campus transcript. 

Refer to the Academic Arrangements section of the Participant Guide and the IP Bulletin for additional academic reporting information and arrangements pertaining to a specific program.

To returning CSU IP students who have received their Academic Reports

Check your report carefully.  If you find discrepancies or have questions about your report, then refer to the document “Academic Report Cover Letter”.

Requests to have a course or grade reviewed must be received 1) before you graduate with the degree that you were pursuing while studying abroad on IP, and 2) no later than 12 months from the official end date of your last term abroad, whichever date comes first. Requests made after this time cannot be processed. Check the accuracy of your report as soon as you receive it and if necessary, request a review immediately thereafter.  (Refer to the AR Cover Letter for further instructions.)

To returning CSU IP students or IP alumni requesting official transcripts for graduate schools

To obtain an official record of all coursework attempted abroad, request an official transcript from your home CSU campus since your CSU transcript is the only official record of all courses taken while on IP. If the graduate school to which you are applying is asking for a study center transcript, you can direct them to this website where reporting is explained.     

If you are a recent participant of IP, also inform the institutions to which you are applying of a possible delay in the posting of your degree due to the time it takes to process academic reports.  Often, universities can give otherwise qualified students ‘provisional acceptance’ into their graduate program which allows students to begin their studies in the fall.  

To former CSU IP students who have lost their Academic Reports 

Complete the “Academic Report Request” form. Reports are sent within 15 working days from the date that requests are received.  If you were an IP participant prior to 2002, it may take additional time to send out your report.