“My association with Cal Poly Pomona began in 1963. It wasn’t easy for me back then. I had no money, my family was overseas, and I had to work my way through school. When I graduated, my employers were impressed with the scope of my knowledge. Now, as an employer myself, I am not impressed by big name schools. When you’re hungry for knowledge, Cal Poly Pomona will feed you.” Khaled Hassen Cal Poly Pomona Class of 1968

Growing Economic Impact

Owing to its innovative ideas and applicable research, the CSU continues to bring in over $500 million annually to its campuses in research and education grants and contracts from federal, state, local, and private sources.

The preceding sections concerning Innovation and Entrepreneurship describe how the CSU has successfully and actively engaged the talent of its students and the expertise of its faculty to collaborate and innovate in a local and regional manner. Given the current difficult economic times, the CSU is committed to expand the reach of its applied research and teaching system to positively impact California and its constituencies.