San Diego State University

San Diego State is the oldest and largest university in San Diego. SDSU provides each student with opportunities for direct contact with his/her professors and to earn a degree with an international emphasis. SDSU ranks among the top 25 public research universities in the nation and is no. 1 among those with 14 or fewer Ph.D. programs.

High Magnitude Economic Impact

San Diego State’s annual impact on the San Diego region and the State of California is enormous:

  • Annual spending related to San Diego State ($893 million) generates a total impact of $896 million on the regional economy, and more than $1.2 billion on the statewide economy.

  • This impact sustains more than 9,000 jobs in the region and statewide more than 11,400 jobs.

  • Per year, the impact generates more than $62 million in local and nearly $86.7 million in statewide tax revenue.

  • Even greater—nearly $4.2 billion of the earnings by alumni from San Diego State are attributable to their CSU degrees, which creates an additional $6.5 billion of industry activity throughout the state.

San Diego State University enhances California’s economy with research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • SDSU is home to top-ranked programs in education, international business, social work, speech-language pathology, biology and public administration. Overall, SDSU students can choose from 84 undergraduate majors, 76 master's programs and 16 joint doctoral degree programs and two independent doctoral degree programs.
  • SDSU ranks No. 2 among universities of its type nationwide and No. 1 in California for students studying abroad as part of their college experience.  In addition, SDSU’s undergraduate international business program is the largest in the U.S. and ranks No. 11 in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges 2010.”
  • California’s biotechnology industry is both a national and world-wide model.  SDSU serves as host institution for CSUPERB, the official liaison between the CSU and industry, government, the Congressional Biotechnology Caucus and the public arena in all biotechnological matters.
  • SDSU is home to the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology.  Sponsored by the Department of Defense, CCAT seeks out and provides commercialization services for technologies that meet critical homeland security needs.
  • The SDSU Entrepreneurial Management Center seeds the business community with graduates well-grounded in entrepreneurial skills and methods.
  • The nationally recognized L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Diego State University is driving force behind one of the region’s most important industries.  Since it was established in 1999, 99 percent of the Payne School’s 400 graduates have found employment in their chosen industry.

San Diego State University improves life in the San Diego region through research, arts and community service.

  • San Diego State students volunteer thousands of hours of service to the community annually, in projects ranging from K-12 education, to nutrition, to social services, to homeland security.
  • The estimated annual attendance for sports home games at San Diego State is 300,000, including football games played at QUALCOMM Stadium.
  • San Diego State’s music, dance and theater programs draw about 40,000 patrons each academic year.

A University for All Californians—

San Diego State University ranks seventh in the nation for bachelor’s degrees awarded to Latinos, and in the nation’s top 20 for bachelor’s degrees awarded to minority groups overall.

San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182, Phone: (619) 594-5000