Humboldt State University

Humboldt State University is known for outstanding programs in natural resources and sciences, as well as leadership in sustainability. It is located on the North Coast, between the Pacific Ocean and ancient redwood forests. The student experience is highlighted by personal mentoring from professors and hands-on experiences such as researching marine life aboard the Coral Sea.

High Magnitude Economic Impact

Humboldt State University’s annual impact on the North Coast region and the State of California is enormous:

  • Annual spending related to Humboldt State University ($232 million) generates a total impact of $190 million on the regional economy, and more than $400 million in the statewide economy.

  • This impact sustains more than 2,300 jobs in the region and statewide more than 3,400 jobs.

  • Per year, the impact generates more than $10.5 million in local and $25.2 in statewide tax revenue.

Even greater—more than $950 million of the earnings by alumni from Humboldt State University are attributable to their CSU degrees, which creates an additional $1.6 million of industry activity throughout the state.

Humboldt State University is widely recognized for excellent programs in natural resources and sciences.

  • Humboldt State University offers the state’s only undergraduate oceanography program and an array of other programs focused on marine sciences. Students conduct research at its coastal marine lab and aboard the university’s research vessel, the Coral Sea.

  • Humboldt State University is one of the few universities in the nation with a state-of-the-art fire lab. Its fire science program teaches modern techniques for managing wildfire, and an advanced training program is offered for Forest Service employees and similar professionals.

  • Humboldt State University is widely recognized for its undergraduate programs in the sciences. It is among the top 50 public universities in the nation for sending students on to earn doctorates in the sciences, math, and engineering.

  • Humboldt State University faculty and students designed the nation’s first street-legal hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. More recently, they designed an on-campus hydrogen fueling station and are testing the performance of two hydrogen-powered Toyota vehicles.

  • Humboldt State University Professor Steve Sillett has conducted groundbreaking research on redwood forest canopies and was featured in a 2009 cover story in National Geographic. He holds the Kenneth L.
    Fisher Chair in Redwood Forest Ecology, the only endowed chair in the world dedicated to a single tree species.
  • Humboldt State University has the nation’s largest undergraduate botany program.

Humboldt State University has a long-standing commitment to sustainability.

  • Humboldt State University built the first building in the CSU system to be LEED-gold certified for its eco-friendly features. The Behavioral and Social Sciences Building has rainwater collection, sustainably harvested wood native-plant landscaping, and more.

  • Humboldt State University students have a long history of working for the environment. The student-run eco-demonstration house on campus is one of the nation’s oldest, and students recently voted for a new fee to fund energy student-led projects on campus.

  • Humboldt State University students developed the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility, which has been adopted at hundreds of universities around the world.

Humboldt State University enhances the quality of life on the North Coast through research, arts and community service.

  • Humboldt State University houses the lead center for 10 Small Business Development Centers across Northern California. The Centers provide one on one business mentoring to thousands of small businesses each
    year and are funded through grants, including $27 million from the federal government.

  • Humboldt State University is a leader in providing college opportunities for Native American students, and it has the highest proportion of Native American students in the CSU system. Its academic offerings include a graduate program in social work that focuses on the needs of indigenous communities and a first-of-its-kind minor in American Indian Education.

  • Humboldt State University faculty and students produce the Humboldt Economic Index, the only monthly source of broad-based economic indicators for the county.

  • Humboldt State University is the most prominent center for arts and entertainment on California’s North Coast. Its art program is one of  the largest majors, and each year the Center Arts program attracts 28,000 attendees to performances. More than 50,000 people attend 85 intercollegiate sports contests on campus each year.

Humboldt State University, One Harpst Street, Arcata, CA 95521, Phone: (707) 826-3011