Fresno State

Fresno State is the premier university serving Central California. In its first century, Fresno State has established a reputation for serving the changing needs of the diverse San Joaquin Valley and training students to be successful in careers across a broad spectrum of demonstrated needs. University-based research not only benefits Central California, but also extends Fresno State’s impact throughout the world. As it enters its second 100 years, Fresno State is developing new strategies to launch innovative initiatives that continue students’ hands-on learning and partnerships that serve the campus and the region.

High Magnitude Economic Impact

Fresno State’s annual impact on the San Joaquin Valley region and the State of California is enormous:

  • Annual spending related to Fresno State ($452 million) generates a total impact of $484 million on the regional economy, and nearly $781 million on the statewide economy.

  • This impact sustains more than 5,700 jobs in the region and nearly 7,000 jobs statewide.

  • Per year, the impact generates nearly $28.5 million in local and nearly $52 million in statewide tax revenue.

  • Even greater—nearly $2.3 billion of the earnings by alumni from Fresno State are attributable to their CSU degrees, which creates an additional $3.7 billion of industry activity throughout the state.

Fresno State improves California’s economy with research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Agriculture is one of the largest and most widespread industries in California, and Fresno State’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is one of the most highly regarded agricultural education institutions in the nation. Through its acclaimed enology and viticulture program, Fresno State operates the first university-based commercial winery in the United States.

  • Agricultural research is a long-established focus of CSU faculty and students. Fresno State is home to the California Agricultural Research Initiative, which focuses on improving the efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability of California agriculture.

  • Half of the nation’s research and development activity in water technology occurs within a 100-mile radius of Fresno State. The campus is home to the $60 million International Center for Water Technology, a joint venture with industry in the San Joaquin Valley, and to a Water and Energy Technology Center, where innovative ideas are turned into productive businesses.

  • CSU is the primary source of teachers in the state, and Fresno State’s Kremen School of Education and Human Development is nationally respected for its education and counseling programs. In addition to its dedication to the preparation of future and current teachers and administrators, the Kremen School was first in the CSU system to offer a doctorate in Educational Leadership as a joint program with UC Davis. Fifteen years later, Fresno State was first of all 23 CSU campuses to offer an individual-campus doctorate.

  • Fresno State is home to the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, regarded as the foremost entrepreneurial program in the Central Valley and one of the leading new-business developers in the state. The Lyles Center creates strong ties between student enterprises and businesses and individuals in the community, improving chances of career success for graduates.

Fresno State improves life in the San Joaquin Valley region through research, arts and community service.

  • Fresno State students, faculty, and staff volunteer about 1 million hours of community service annually under leadership of the innovative Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service- Learning. The local economic impact of that volunteerism is estimated at $22 million, based on national philanthropic standards. In 2009, the Richter Center was presented with the President’s Award for Higher Education Community Service, one of only three universities to receive this national recognition.

  • In addition to the hundreds of thousands of people who attend events at the 16,500-seat Save Mart Center on campus, thousands more San Joaquin Valley residents attend cultural events staged by Fresno State’s College of Arts and Humanities. Plays, lectures, dances, concerts, exhibitions, and recitals are part of a vibrant campus arts calendar. One feature is the CSU Summer Arts program of instruction and public performance, which has been hosted at Fresno State for a dozen summers.

  • With an annual attendance of around 750,000 people, Fresno State Athletics boasts the region’s most attractive intercollegiate sports program. Bulldog teams are in the national spotlight in many sports, including NCAA national championships in baseball and softball. Fresno State student-athletes are regulars on all-academic teams for their skill in classroom achievement. Fresno State athletes have gone on to professional sports acclaim and Olympic gold medal glory.

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