CSU Bakersfield

Situated in the heart of the west coast’s oil- and food-producing regions and located at a logistics crossroad of east-west and north-south transportation, CSU Bakersfield is the only regionally comprehensive public university within a 100-mile radius. The university offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs advancing the intellectual and personal development of its students. CSU Bakersfield is committed to scholarship, diversity, service, global awareness and life-long learning. The university collaborates with partners in the community to increase the region’s overall educational level, enhance its quality of life, and support its economic development.    

High Magnitude Economic Impact

CSU Bakersfield’s annual impact on the San Joaquin Valley regionand the State of California is enormous:

  • Annual spending related to CSU Bakersfield ($149 million) generates a total impact of $163.4 million on the regional economy, and nearly $262.7 million on the statewide economy.

  • This impact sustains nearly 2,000 jobs in the region and statewide nearly 2,300 jobs.

  • Per year, the impact generates more than $8.2 million in local and nearly $15.2 million in statewide tax revenue.

  • Even greater—nearly $676.4 million of the earnings by alumni from CSU Bakersfield are attributable to their CSU degrees, which creates an additional $996.5 million of industry activity throughout the state.

CSU Bakersfield improves California’s economy with research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • With its quarterly Kern Economic Journal, co-sponsorship of the Kern Economic Summit, and applied research for economic development agencies, CSU Bakersfield economists are relied upon to analyze economic trends for business leaders and measure outcomes relating to regional development strategies.
  • CSU Bakersfield's petroleum geology program is the only one offered by a public university west of the Rockies.  The program's Geotechnology Center is a state-of-the-art training resource for petroleum geology students and oil industry professionals. Its California Well Core Repository contains information from thousands of oil, gas, water, and core wells from California and is an irreplaceable resource for California’s energy and water industries. 
  • The School of Business and Public Administration’s Business Research and Education Center (BREC), Public Service Institute (PSI), and its recently created Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provide professional development training to individuals and assist organizations with strategic planning, program evaluation, and comprehensive consulting services.
  • Investigators for the Valley Fever Vaccine Project, an academic consortium managed through CSU Bakersfield, have secured five patents thus far in their quest to identify and produce a vaccine to eradicate coccidioidomycosis. This soil-borne fungus produces respiratory infections with devastating effects throughout the southwestern United States, northern Mexico, and various locations in Central and South America. 
  • CSU Bakersfield’s nursing program is an integral part of the National Children's Health Study, the largest long-term study of environmental and genetic effects on child health ever undertaken in the United States.  The study will follow a representative sample of 100,000 children, seeking information to prevent and treat some of the nation’s most pressing health problems, including autism, birth defects, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, with the goal of improving the health and well-being of tomorrow’s generations.

  • Through an innovative partnership with Aera Energy LLC and other industry stakeholders, CSU Bakersfield’s Environmental Resource Management program met regional needs for occupational safety and health managers through the development of a new concentration within the School of Business and Public Administration.

  • CSU Bakersfield’s Antelope Valley Center opened in 1998 and serves as the university’s satellite campus for between 900 and 1,000 students. The center offers 11 bachelor’s and nine post-baccalaureate and graduate programs, accounting for approximately 10% of CSU Bakersfield’s student body.

  • In keeping with CSU Bakersfield’s goal of serving the region, the university recently created the Center for Community Engagement and Career Education. The center’s mission is to prepare students for life-long learning and development through community engagement and career education by forming strong partnerships with community organizations, employers, and CSU Bakersfield students, faculty, and staff.

CSU Bakersfield improves life in the San Joaquin Valley region through research, arts and community service.

  • Thousands of community members, including large numbers of high school students, take advantage of CSU Bakersfield’s rich musical performances and concerts, including a Jazz Festival and a Vocal Solo Festival for high school students.
  • Nearly 60,000 people attend NCAA sporting events at CSU Bakersfield. Roadrunner sports teams have won 30 national championships in men’s basketball, swimming, wrestling, soccer, women’s volleyball, tennis and softball.

  • CSU Bakersfield’s Department of Social Work provides more than 72,000 hours a year of service learning to the community through student internships. What’s more, the department is working to create a national model to provide educational support for students entering social work who will work with Medicaid eligible elderly persons.
  • CSU Bakersfield’s Kegley Institute of Ethics is a broad educational resource for the Southern San Joaquin Valley and serves to enhance the quality of the community by stimulating thought and involvement on ethical issues. The institute hosts regular symposia on ethical issues relevant to all segments of society. These symposia are always open to the public and often include area leaders as participants.

CSU Bakersfield, 9001 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, CA 93311, Phone: (661) 664-2011