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Teacher Education

Knowledge economies rely on a strong public education system, from K-12 through to graduate education. One extremely important way that the California State University helps build California’s knowledge-based industries is by being the primary source for teacher education in the state. The CSU prepares the majority of new teachers in California, and the CSU’s campuses are deeply involved in collaborative partnerships with K-12 schools in their communities.


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The CSU’s post-baccalaureate teacher education programs prepare 55 percent of the teachers who are eventually awarded a California teaching credential. At the CSU, teacher education is a fully collaborative endeavor with the K-12 public schools. The CSU’s outreach activities represent the full continuum of educator preparation, induction and ongoing development. The CSU also is unique in the nation in offering an annual systemwide accountability report for its teacher education programs. The most recent report showed that the supervisors of CSU graduates gave the new teachers high marks during their first year in numerous areas measuring teaching effectiveness.


CSU’s innovative teacher education activities statewide include—The Teacher Recruitment Project, which provides outreach and recruitment activities for nearly 10,000 students on high school, community college and CSU campuses.



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