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The California State University is the country’s largest four-year university system, its most diverse, and the most affordable. A leader in providing access to quality education, the CSU graduates 82,000 students each year. Preparing more students than any other university in the fields that make California work—agriculture, information technology, communications, business, tourism, life sciences, and education—the CSU is vital to California’s economic growth and prosperity. Investing in the California State University is an investment in California.


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The California State University’s direct economic impact on the state of California is enormous—$7.46 billion. This direct spending in California generates a total impact of $13.6 billion in the state’s economy. This impact sustains more than 207,000 jobs in California, and it generates more than $760 million a year in state and local annual taxes. In 2002/03, the 1.7 million CSU alumni working in California earned an estimated $89 billion in income, of which $25.3 billion is attributable to their CSU degrees. When the impact of enhanced alumni earnings is taken into account, the CSU’s impact reaches $53 billion.


The CSU improves California’s economy with research, education and an entrepreneurial spirit. For every $1 the state invests in the California State University, the California State University returns $4.41. That's a four-fold return on investment.

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