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Public Administration

The California State University is the stateís leading source for students who choose careers in public administration fields. The CSU graduates nearly 400 majors annually in public administration and urban planning, accounting for 62 percent of the stateís total graduates in these majors. In addition, according to the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, the CSU produces more than 15 percent of the accredited MPA graduates in the country.


CSU-Leading Public Administration Programs

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The CSU is renowned for instilling in its students a commitment to service and giving back to the public. One result of the systemís leadership in public administration is the large number of CSU alumni among elected officials. In the 2005Ė06 legislative session, 41 of the 120 members of the California legislature are CSU alumni. In addition, 20 CSU graduates currently serve in the U.S. Congress.


CSU campuses have long played an important role in California to help communities and regions understand their economies, population trends, industries, and social and community issues—CSU Fullertonís Center for Demographic Research provides population, housing and employment data for public agencies, local jurisdictions, regional planning bodies and businesses. CSU Fullertonís Social Science Research Center focuses on annual labor market surveys for the California Cooperative Occupational Information System, the Orange County Business Council and the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce.



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