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CSU Northridge

CSU Northridgeís teacher preparation and undergraduate engineering programs have been ranked among the best in the nation. In fact, CSU Northridge, which operates one of the largest teacher preparation programs in California, has been rated by the Carnegie Corp. of New York as one of the nationís best institutions for educating future teachers. Overall, CSU Northridge offers a wide range of outstanding academic programs including bachelorís degrees in 62 disciplines and masterís degrees in 42 fields.


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CSU Northridgeís annual impact on the Los Angeles region is enormous. Annual spending related to CSU Northridge in the Los Angeles region ($486 million) generates a total impact of $903 million on the regional economy. This impact sustains more than 13,500 jobs in the region, and generates nearly $57 million per year in tax revenue. Even greater—nearly $2 billion of the lifetime earnings by alumni from CSU Northridge are attributable to their CSU degrees.


CSU Northridge improves Californiaís economy with research, education, and an entrepreneurial spirit. CSU Northridge ranked in the top five in a National Science Foundation survey of masterís level universities based on the number of graduates who went on to earn Ph.D.s in science and engineering.



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