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California is world-renowned for its fast-growing and dynamic cluster of industries in the media, culture and design arenas, which includes film, television, music, books and fashion. While these industries are located throughout the state, they are most heavily concentrated in the Los Angeles area. In fact, Hollywood is practically synonymous with the film and television industry, which has been instrumental in popularizing and marketing California around the world.


CSU-Leading the Media, Culture, and Design Industries


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Companies in the media, culture and design industries are dependent upon skilled professionals in communications, design fields, art, broadcasting, film and video production, dance, and theater. The CSU is a critical supplier of graduates in this industry. Nearly 46 percent of the state’s bachelor’s degrees related to the media, culture and design industries come from the CSU. This includes 88 percent of the radio and television broadcasting degrees, 66 percent of journalism and mass communications degrees, 59 percent of the visual and performing arts degrees and 58 percent of fine arts and art studies degrees.


CSU campuses have established partnerships that offer students opportunities and career paths in highly sought-after industries—CSU Northridge’s Entertainment Industry Institute is an example of the close relationship between the CSU and the entertainment industry. The institute maintains ongoing contact with some 50 companies in the field and draws on the support and expertise of an advisory council comprised of prominent members of the entertainment industry. It also maintains a faculty advisor network of professors with scholarly and professional interests related to the entertainment industry.



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