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Life Sciences

The fast-growing field of life sciences, which includes biotechnology, specialty health care and pharmaceutical production, is an emerging strength of the California economy. Higher education plays a critical role in fulfilling the needs of this highly skilled field, and the CSU is responding, producing 44 percent of the stateís bachelorís degrees in health care and life sciences. Many of the CSUís campuses have been nationally recognized for the high quality of their science programs.


CSU-Leading in Life Sciences Education


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The CSU excels in a wide range of specialties within the life sciences field. For example, the CSU prepares 100 percent of the stateís graduates in gerontology and cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics, 92 percent in health professions and related sciences, 89 percent in communication disorders sciences and services, and 64 percent in nursing. At the graduate level, the CSU produces more than 41 percent of the stateís graduates in health care and life sciences. CSU campuses are national leaders in terms of the number of students in science-related fields who go on to earn doctoral degrees.


CSU life sciences graduates have a major impact within the state and local workforce—San José Stateís College of Science prepares 22 percent of the clinical laboratory scientists in California. CSU Chico produces 75 percent of the public health nurses, masterís prepared RNs and RNs who achieve bachelorís of science degrees in nursing in the region.



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