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Information Technology

The field of information technology is one of the best-known areas of California’s global leadership in innovation. The broad-based industry covers a significant portion of the state from Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, to the aerospace-related manufacturing of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, to telecommunications equipment manufacturing in San Diego. It is a skills-driven industry that relies on professional workers with college degrees.


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As California’s public higher education leader, the California State University is one of the main drivers in the industry. The CSU produces 40 percent of the state’s information technology graduates, including more than half of the state’s general computer and information sciences graduates. A leading campus is San José State, which sends more engineering, computer science and business graduates to the Silicon Valley than any other college or university.


The CSU is actively involved in information technology research, often in collaboration with industry partners— San José State conducts research to evaluate multi-agent system applications for Cisco Systems, Inc. CSU Long Beach conducts research on computer science and engineering, as well as on applied physics and human factors in computing.



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