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Fresno State

Fresno State is the premier university serving Central California. Its College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is among the most highly regarded in the U.S., and its School of Education and Human Development also is well respected nationally. A major center for applied agricultural research, Fresno State is the only university in the nation licensed to produce, bottle and sell wine commercially, and its wines have won many of the nation's most prized awards.


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Fresno State's direct economic impact on its neighboring communities and the San Joaquin Valley region is enormous— $453.7 million. This impact sustains nearly 15,300 jobs in the region and generates more than $43.2 million per year in tax revenue. Even greater—$1.4 billion of the earnings by alumni from Fresno State are attributable to their CSU degrees.


Fresno State improves California's economy with research, education, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Agriculture is one of the largest and most widespread industries in California, and Fresno State's College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is one of the most highly regarded in the nation. With an exceptional, award-winning enology program, Fresno State operates the only university-based commercial winery in the U.S.



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