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Computer/Electronic Engineering

The California State University awards more than half of the state’s baccalaureate degrees in engineering, including a significant percentage of graduates to fill professional needs in California’s critical information technology and electronics industries. In total, the CSU produces 40 percent of the state’s computer and electronics graduates.


CSU-Leading Computer and Electronic Engineering Education


Computer and Electronic Engineering Workforce chart






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In addition to computer and electronic engineering graduates, the CSU also produces 41 percent of the state’s information technology grads, including more than 50 percent of the general computer and information sciences graduates. The CSU graduates agricultural engineers along with graduates in engineering disciplines and fields, such as architectural, aerospace, chemical, electrical, electronics, computer, biomedical, materials, metallurgical and manufacturing.


CSU centers and institutes focus on research and training—California is world-renowned for its computer and electronics engineering innovations. CSU campuses focus on the needs of local companies and build programs in partnership with industry representatives. Participating companies supply internships and scholarships, sponsor research and consult on testing, evaluation and adoption of new technologies.



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Last Updated: April 28, 2005