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CSU Dominguez Hills

CSU Dominguez Hills is a leader in distance-learning initiatives, offering two unique online programs—a master’s degree in public administration and a master’s degree in engineering management. The engineering degree—the only known program of its kind in the country—is offered jointly with CSU Long Beach. CSU Dominguez Hills is building a new student union and is significantly expanding its university library. The Home Depot Center located at CSU Dominguez Hills is a world-class athletic venue serving the entire region.


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CSU Dominguez Hills’ annual impact on the Los Angeles region is enormous. Annual spending related to CSU Dominguez Hills in the Los Angeles region ($204 million) generates a total impact of $388 million on the regional economy. This impact sustains more than 6,000 jobs in the region, and generates nearly $20 million per year in tax revenue. Even greater—$638 million of the earnings by alumni from CSU Dominguez Hills are attributable to their CSU degrees.


CSU Dominguez Hills improves California’s economy with research, education, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The CSU produces 64 percent of the state’s graduates in nursing, and many of the campuses are recognized for the high quality of their science programs. CSU Dominguez Hills, for example, received a 100 percent positive response from all 170 employers in the BSN Employer survey asking if they would continue to hire its nursing graduates. In the same survey, 95 percent of CSU Dominguez Hills nursing graduates were rated “good” to “excellent” by employers.



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