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CSU Chico

CSU Chico is one of the highest ranked public comprehensive universities in the West with an excellent record in job placement. Many of CSU Chico’s programs, such as teacher education and nursing, are known for their innovation and outreach to the university’s 12-county service area and beyond. CSUChico was a forerunner in distance education, being the first university in the world to offer a graduate degree via satellite.


High Magnitude Economic Impact


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CSU Chico’s annual impact on the Sacramento Valley region is enormous. Annual spending related to CSU Chico in the Sacramento Valley region ($376 million) generates a total impact of $653 million on the regional economy. This impact sustains more than 11,000 jobs in the region, and generates more than $36 million per year in tax revenue. Even greater—more than $1 billion of the earnings by alumni from CSU Chico are attributable to their CSU degrees.


CSU Chico improves California’s economy with research, education, and an entrepreneurial spirit. CSU Chico drives the CSU’s success in agriculture in the Sacramento Valley and Northern California by improving the sustainability of the agricultural industry, helping agriculture adapt to changing public policy issues, assisting in the development of value-added and niche-market products, and contributing to youth leadership development.



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