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CSU Channel Islands

CSU Channel Islands is the first four-year public university in Ventura County and the newest of the CSU campuses. The university emphasizes learning within and across disciplines through integrated approaches and community service. CSU Channel Islands’ academic program incorporates input from the community, including local business leaders, students and parents. The university is committed to working in public/private partnerships to improve the quality of life throughout the region.


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CSU Channel Islands’ annual impact on the Central Coast region is significant. Annual spending related to CSU Channel Islands in the Central Coast region ($58 million) generates a total impact of more than $107 million on the regional economy. This impact sustains 2,100 jobs in the region, and generates nearly $5.4 million per year in tax revenue. The state appropriation for CSU, Channel Islands, is approximately $35 million. Therefore, for every $1 that the state invests in CSUCI, the economy of the Central Coast region is currently enhanced by $3.05, an economic multiplier that will grow as the campus grows.


CSU Channel Islands improves California’s economy with research, education, and an entrepreneurial spirit. CSU Channel Islands' Small Business Institute program offers business students the opportunity to partner with local entrepreneurs and apply their classroom learning directly by creating business plans, market assessments, demographic information and marketing assistance to new business start-ups. The campus is strengthening small business success throughout Ventura County.



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