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Business/Professional Services

Business and professional services industries are the backbone of a vibrant knowledge economy. These services are based on specific areas of expertise such as accounting, advertising, public relations, human resource management and business strategy. These skills, in turn, are directly related to specific university programs in business management and related fields.


CSU-Leading Business and Professional Services Programs


Business and Professional Services Workforce chart






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Overall, the CSU prepares 65 percent of the state’s business and professional services graduates. The CSU’s presence in many regions in the state and the close linkages of campuses to businesses help ensure that CSU graduates are able to keep California businesses competitive. All of California’s companies, regardless of the industry, rely on professionals with a solid background in business administration to help manage and guide their organizations in a dynamic, global economy.


CSU campuses are leaders in preparing students with top-notch skills for their regional economy and also hold national distinctions—CSU Chico prepares more than 50 percent of the CPAs in its service area. Nearly 200 graduates of San José State have founded, co-founded, or serve as top-level executives of public and private companies.



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