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Agriculture is one of the largest and most widespread industries in California, and it is a critical part of the state’s economy. Almost every region of the state has a strong and distinctive specialization in agriculture or in food and beverage manufacturing. A knowledge-based industry like agriculture requires highly skilled labor. Having professional workers skilled in agricultural engineering and agricultural business is vital to the competitiveness of the state.


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California has more than four times as many people working in agriculture/ forestry support activities than the country as a whole. Nearly three times as many people work in crop production in California than in the country as a whole. Every region of the state except Los Angeles has a distinct specialization in agriculture, food, or beverage manufacturing. In certain specialized majors like food and nutrition studies, agricultural engineering, plant sciences, and horticultural services operations and management, the CSU produces more than 90 percent of the state’s graduates.


The CSU is a leader in applied research and industry partnerships that promote the agricultural knowledge base—The California Agricultural Research Initiative (CSU/ARI) is an applied agricultural and environmental research program that leverages public funding with university and industry capital and intellectual collateral through collaborative university/industry partnerships. CSU/ARI project themes include agricultural business, biodiversity, biotechnology, food science, natural resources, production, public policy, water, and irrigation technology.



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