Integrated CSU Administrative Manual



Section 11000 Policies

Policy Number:  11000.005.000

Policy Title: Equipment & Property Management

Policy Effective Date: December 1, 2011

Last Revision Date: December 1, 2011

(see revision history)


It is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that each campus shall have procedures and a management system for equipment acquired through grants and contracts from both federal and non-federal sources.


The campus president or designee is responsible for ensuring that procedures are developed to comply with this policy.

Equipment purchased with federal or non-federal funds, through a grant, contract, cooperative agreement or other agreement is the property of the university or the auxiliary organization in accordance with institutional policies and subject to the following:

Federally Funded Equipment (Grants)

When purchasing equipment or expendable property with federal funds, it is the responsibility of the campus/auxiliary Sponsored Programs Administrator (SPA) to comply with institutional policies related fixed asset management and with federal regulations contained in OMB Circular A-110, Property Standards.  OMB Circular A-110 requires recipients of federal funds to follow their institutional policies and to minimally tag, track and inventory all equipment or equipment components with a purchase price of $5,000 or greater. 

OMB Circular A-110, Section .34(f), specifically requires:

Equipment records shall be maintained accurately and shall include the following information.

  • A description of the equipment.
  • Manufacturer's serial number, model number, Federal stock number, national stock number, or other identification number.
  • Source of the equipment, including the award number.
  • Whether title vests in the recipient or the Federal Government.
  • Acquisition date (or date received, if the equipment was furnished by the Federal Government) and cost.
  • Information from which one can calculate the percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the equipment (not applicable to equipment furnished by the Federal Government).
  • Location and condition of the equipment and the date the information was reported.
  • Unit acquisition cost.
  • Ultimate disposition data, including date of disposal and sales price or the method used to determine current fair market value where a recipient compensates the Federal awarding agency for its share.

A physical inventory of equipment shall be taken and the results reconciled with the equipment records at least once every two years. Any differences between quantities determined by the physical inspection and those shown in the accounting records shall be investigated to determine the causes of the difference.

Funding Other than Federal Grants

When purchasing equipment with funds from a non-federal grant source, follow your institutional policies regarding equipment purchase and disposition or the guidelines in the sponsored agreement, whichever is more restrictive.

Benjamin F. Quillian
Executive Vice-Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer

Date: October 31, 2011






Useful Guidelines:

  • Equipment funded by a state contract may contain language that requires the equipment title to vest with the sponsoring agency upon project completion, in accordance with the State Contracting Manual (SCM) Chapter 7.29.
  • When applicable, for regulations under Federal contracts, refer to – Federal Acquisition Register (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)

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Ms. Sue DeRosa
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CSU Office of the Chancellor

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