Integrated CSU Administrative Manual



Section 11000 Policies

Policy Number:  11000.001.000

Policy Title: Sponsored Programs Administration Policy Introduction

Policy Effective Date: December 1, 2011

Last Revision Date: December 1, 2011

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The policies contained in ICSUAM Section 11000 serve as the fundamental system-wide requirements governing the California State University’s (CSU) involvement with the solicitation, acceptance and administration of awards from extramural sponsors for the conduct of research and scholarly activity, and other sponsored activities.


The policies in ICSUAM Section 11000 are intended to support the individual policies and procedures maintained by the 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s Office related to the financial management of sponsored programs. Campus (in this ICSUAM Section, campus means either the University or Auxiliary) policies and procedures should conform to the requirements included herein, but may vary significantly in detail from campus to campus based on the specific circumstances of the campus. Where campus policies are silent or nonexistent, the CSU system-wide policy will prevail; where a campus policy is more prescriptive yet closely parallels the system-wide policy, the campus policy will prevail; where campus policy conflicts with system-wide policy, the CSU system-wide policy will prevail.

In accordance with CSU policy, the campus President or designee must ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are maintained, ensuring that the campus designated sponsored programs administrator demonstrates compliance with relevant federal and state regulations and guidelines.

Policies in this Section may be applicable to Federally funded construction or infrastructure projects, but do not apply to State construction grants to the extent they are subject to the policies and procedures in ICSUAM Section 9000 Capital Construction and Facilities Management. This Section does not apply to awards solely for student scholarships, grants, loans, or work study programs within the scope of CSU campus Financial Aid Offices.

Primary responsibility for publishing and maintaining this section of ICSUAM is assigned to the Executive Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Financial Services, in collaboration with the Director of Sponsored Programs and other offices as appropriate.

Benjamin F. Quillian
Executive Vice-Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer

Date: October 31, 2011




  • February 7, 2014 (Annual Review conducted with no change to policy.)


Useful Guidelines:


Related Principles:

The policies in ICSUAM Section for Sponsored Programs (Section 11000) have been organized in accordance with the structure established in the Council on Government Relations’ (COGR) “Managing Externally Funded Research Programs: A Guide to Effective Management Practices,” dated June 2005.

Sound Business Practices:

Links to specific campus policies and procedures are included as references in some circumstances, if such policies and procedures have been collectively deemed to be representative of appropriate practices.

Laws, State Codes, Regulations and Mandates:

Links and references to federal regulations, state regulations, relevant CSU executive orders and other internal policies contained within the ICSUAM are provided where applicable. As sections of Executive Order 890 are introduced as a policy in ICSUAM Section 11000, that section of EO 890 will be noted in the specific ICSUAM policy.

ICSUAM Section 9000 Capital Construction and Facilities Management


CO Manager:

Ms. Sue DeRosa 
Director, Sponsored Programs
CSU Office of the Chancellor

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Ms. Sue DeRosa 
Director, Sponsored Programs
CSU Office of the Chancellor


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