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Workplace Violence

The Office of the Chancellor is committed to creating and maintaining a working, learning and social environment that is free from violence for all employees.

Civility, understanding and mutual respect toward all persons are intrinsic to the existence of a safe and healthy workplace. Threats of violence or acts of violence not only impact the individuals concerned, but also the mission of the Chancellorís Office to foster higher education through open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas. The Chancellorís Office prohibits violent acts or threats of violence, and any employee who commits a violent act or threatens to commit a violent act is subject to disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal prosecution as appropriate.

The Chancellorís Office has zero tolerance for violence against any member of the workforce, other persons in the workplace, or property.

For the purpose of this policy, violence and threats of violence include, but are not limited to:
  • Any act that is physically assaultive; or
  • Any threat, behavior or action that is interpreted by a reasonable person to carry potential:
    • To harm or endanger the safety or others;
    • To result in an act of aggression; or
    • To destroy or damage property.
Established personnel and public safety procedures will serve as the mechanism for resolving situations of violence or threats of violence. Each allegation of violence or threat of violence will be taken seriously. Individuals are encouraged to report acts of violence, threats of violence, or any other behavior, which by intent, act or outcome harms another person or property, to their supervisor or to Human Resource Services.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2016