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Equal Employment Opportunity

CSU systemwide policy prohibits discrimination, harassment and retaliation in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 1096, based on specified grounds, or retaliation for complaining about such practices or participating in an investigation.

The CSU also has a systemwide policy on disability support and accommodation, which is stated in Executive Order 1111 (.pdf). Additionally, the Chancellor’s Office has a Reasonable Accommodations Request Procedure (.pdf) and Reasonable Accommodation Request Form (.pdf).

CSUEU represented employees are covered by the non-discrimination policy in Article 25 of the CSUEU agreement, in addition to the above policies.

The CSU Chancellor’s Office has adopted the above-referenced Executive Orders 1096 and 926 as its own policies. Previous Chancellor's Office policies on these subjects were superceded by the above systemwide policies in October 2013.

Employees may report alleged violations to their supervisor/manager or to the following staff members in HR Services:

Director of HRS Kristy Hawman (ext. 1-4049)

Senior Manager of Employee Relations Erica Zuniga (ext. 1-4075)

Senior Manager of HRS Arlene Coronel (ext. 1-4098)

The Chancellor's Office takes such allegations very seriously and will promptly conduct an investigation when warranted.

A complaint procedure is available to all employees. Please see Complaint Procedure below.

Supervisors who receive a report or complaint of harassment, discrimination or retaliation are required to immediately notify the Director of Human Resource Services.

Complaint Procedure
Chancellor's Office employees, former employees, applicants for employment, and third party vendors may file a formal complaint regarding unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation utilizing the appropriate complaint procedure.

  • MPP/Confidential/Executive/Represented (CSUEU and SETC):
    EO 1096

Employees, former employees, applicants for employment, or third party vendors may file complaints with any of the following individuals in Human Resource Services on the 2nd Floor:

  • Kristy Hawman – Director (Title IX Coordinator, and DHR Administrator)
  • Erica Zuniga - Senior Manager, Employee Relations and HR Programs
  • Arlene Coronel - Senior Manager

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