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Chancellor's Office employees are paid monthly. Here is a guide to your paycheck.

Getting Your Paycheck
Paychecks are distributed by Human Resource Services to a representative in each department at around 3:30 p.m. each payday. Check with your supervisor to find out your department's representative.

Pay Dates
Checks are issued monthly, usually on the last day of the month or the first day of the next month. The schedule of paydays is distributed at the beginning of each calendar year.
Current Calendar » (.pdf)  Paydays are indicated by Paydays.

Mandatory paycheck deductions include:

  • Federal and state tax
  • Medicare tax (1.45%)
  • Retirement (7.5% or 5% depending on the time base and length of your appointment)
  • Social security (4.2%), if applicable to an annual maximum earnings of $110,100 for 2012
  • "Fair share" or membership dues for the union, if applicable
    More on Fair Share » (.pdf)

All other deductions are voluntary.

Estimate Net Pay

An employee declares his or her tax withholding status for federal and state tax by completing the Employee Action Request form (.pdf), which is included in the "sign in" packet an employee receives during new employee orientation. For income tax reporting purposes, the tax year is December 1 through November 30. December's paycheck is issued January 1, so it is considered income for the new tax year.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is available to all employees.

Employees paid on a Positive Pay basis (students and special consultants) are also eligible for this program. Employees should complete and return the Direct Deposit form to the Payroll office.

It usually takes 45 days for the Direct Deposit to be established through the Office of the State Controller. Under State Controller's Office regulations, employees will be removed from the Direct Deposit Program if they go on either IDL or NDI leave, or if their pay is in "dock" status.

Current Calendar » (.pdf)  Direct Deposit posting days are indicated by Direct Deposit.
Complete a Direct Deposit Form (.pdf) and submit it to the Payroll office.

Overtime Pay
Some Represented and some Confidential employees are classified as "non-exempt" under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Those employees are eligible for overtime pay at the rate of time and one-half their hourly straight time rate for hours worked in excess of 40 in a work week. Paid holiday, paid sick leave and paid vacation time is counted as time worked. Overtime is compensated in cash or compensatory time off (CTO). Overtime must be authorized by the employee's supervisor. See FLSA Guidelines ».

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about payroll, paychecks and W-2 forms.

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Last Updated: January 27, 2014