June 2007



A56 - Additional Position

Included those retiring from a CalPers position in general information instruction #7.

S70 - Service Retirement

Added non academic employees to audit instruction #7.

A58 - Mandatory Reinstatement

Added Transaction S45 to audit instruction #4.

215 - Employment History Remarks

Added data element 825 - Noncitizen Status Code to table.

Item 825 - Noncitzen Status Code

Added  information regarding immigration rules to audit instruction #8.

Item 505 - Non-CalPERS Account Codes - Basic Guidelines

Corrected typos in plan description table.

Industrial Disability Leave/Temporary Disability

Added information regarding position number changes to general information instruction #6.

Department Code Table

Added Human Sexuality Studies #353 to department code table.

Item 820 - Assigned Salary Rate

Modified to reflect minimum and maximum salary range and updated link to salary schedule.

Item 716 - Sabbatical Leave Eligibility Leave Date

Delete Unit 4