Transaction 825 - Noncitizen Status

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Used to identify or change the visa, work authorization expiration date, and tax treaty country information for a noncitizen employee.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



719 - Detail Transaction Code



825 - Noncitizen Status Code (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. Noncitizen Status Code, Item 825, is a multi-purpose code consisting of Immigration/Visa Category, Tax Treaty Country, Tax Residency Status and Work Authorization Expiration Date.  Refer to the Item 825 for detailed coding instructions.

  2. If a change in retirement status is required due to a change in visa status, process a Transaction 505. Note: While the system allows changes to Noncitizen Status Code (Item 825) information via the 505 transaction, changes to Retirement System Account Code (Item 505) cannot be processed via the 825 transaction.

Audit Instructions

  1. If the visa status changes mid-month, the effective date, Item 210, must be the beginning of the next state or academic pay period.

  2. If a noncitizen becomes a permanent resident, update Item 825 accordingly and enter ’PERM RESIDENT’ in Employment History Remarks (Item 215).

  3. If a noncitizen becomes a US Citizen, delete Item 825 and enter ’CITIZEN’ in Employment History Remarks (Item 215).

  4. To extend the work authorization expiration date (Item 825) up to or beyond the expiration date of a given appointment (Item 416), complete as follows:

  5. To correct keying errors in a prior year, process a Transaction 215 and enter 'CORRECT 825' in Employment History Remarks (Item 215). Do not use the Transaction 825(a 215 is never effective the same day as the appointment or transaction 825).  

  6. To correct keying errors in the current year, process corrects to the appointment or Transaction 825 .

Audit Messages