Transaction 565 - Code 7 - Disability Pending Determination

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Used to move an employee to non-pay status after appropriate leave credits have been exhausted but the employee's claim for disability is still pending.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



565 - Injury / Illness Code



565 - Injury / Illness Date

One or more components required


565 - Injury / Illness Benefits Date



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



719 - Detail Transaction Code



957 - Eligibility Substantiation (Line G Item)


Delete codes 40 and 41 only

General Information

  1. The Injury/Illness Date may be the date the injury/illness is reported if the date that it actually occurred is not known.

  2. Benefits Date is not required for a 565 - Code 7 transaction.

  3. Item 215 may be used to record the employee’s first day off work.

Audit Instructions

  1. Refer to Special Instructions, Transaction S49, and Item 565 for explanation of various codes and processing requirements.

  2. When there is a prior 565 transaction, the benefit date will carry forward into the new 565 transaction. Enter an asterisk (*) to delete the old date.

  3. Refer to Transaction S49 if claim is denied.

Audit Messages