Transaction 105 - Social Security Number

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Used to report an employee's Social Security number (SSN) when the official number is received from the Social Security Administration, or to correct an erroneous number.

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



105 - Social Security Number



205 - Transaction Code



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



General Information

  1. If a social security card is stamped ’Not Valid For Employment', but the employee has other appropriate I-9 documents to establish employment eligibility, the SSN may be used for payroll processing purposes.

  2. Interim SSN’s can only be assigned by the SCO which, as the pay agent, is responsible for reporting earnings data to state and federal entities.  For more information, refer to Item 105 - Interim Numbers.  

Audit Instructions

  1. Due to the complex processing phases involved in the changing of a SSN, the SCO permits keying of Transaction 105 only on Wednesday and Friday.

  2. For keying, coding or employee errors, submit a form PSDC37 to CSU Audits, along with appropriate documentation to delete the pointer record.

  3. DO NOT process a Transaction 105 to correct key entry/coding errors regardless of the day of the week if:

    1. The transaction would be processed on the same day the key error is made.

    2. The campus is holding the remainder of the package pending notification from CSU Audits of the known incorrect SSN.

    3. The transaction would be processed in the same payroll cycle as the original PIMS transaction/EAR. (Refer to monthly payroll calendar issued by the SCO for ’NO PAYROLL CYCLE’ dates.)  For example: AXX and EAR are keyed on Tuesday, which is a no payroll cycle date. The Axx/EAR will not process until Wednesday’s payroll cycle. The Transaction 105 cannot be keyed until the following Friday.

  4. When adding a new employee to the PIMS database (Transaction A50/A52/A56 or A54 with Item 450 = 1 or SPAR) and it is discovered that the SSN has been keyed incorrectly, follow the procedures below.

If the incorrect SSN that was keyed is known:

If the incorrect SSN that was keyed is Not known:

    1. DO NOT KEY the remainder of the package.

    2. Contact CSU Audits and provide the employee name, PSD File Reference number used on the PIMS transaction and the date keyed.

    3. Key the remainder of the package when CSU Audits provides you with the incorrect number that was keyed.

    4. Key a 105 transaction on the allowable date published in SCO's monthly Decentralized Payroll Calendar. (If a SPAR was keyed, submit the 105 SPAR with form PSDC37 and route to CSU Audits with the appropriate documentation.)

    5. Complete form PSDC37 and immediately route to CSU Audits with the appropriate documentation (copy of original PIMS transaction and EAR or SPAR keyed).

  1. If an employee is on the PIMS database under two different SSN’s, immediately submit a Transaction 105 or SPAR with a copy of the social security card or other verification of the correct SSN, to CSU Audits. In Item 215, enter "BOTH SSN’S ON EH". If the SSN is incorrect because of a key entry error, enter "KEY ENTRY ERROR, BOTH SSN’S ON EH" and attach a copy of the appointment document and EAR or SPAR that was entered. Do not submit a form PSDC37.

  1. The effective date, Item 210, of the Transaction 105 must be the same effective date as the appointment. This is to insure that all payments will be transferred to the new SSN. CSU Audits will enter the effective date when a 105 SPAR is sent for processing.  The date is either the date the SPAR was posted to the PIMS database, or the beginning of the pay period in which the first payment was generated, if different.

  2. Transaction 105 is not to be considered when processing out-of-sequence transactions. This is a line entry on the EAR history screen, not on the Employment History screen.

Audit Messages