Transaction S49 - Nonindustrial Disability Insurance Leave

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Used to place an eligible CalPERS/STRS employee on an authorized leave of absence as a result of a nonindustrial disability or injury. The employee must be full-time permanent or probationary or permanent part time or part-time appointed half-time or more for an academic year or more.


The employee's eligibility for NDI benefits must be reviewed by the campus personnel officer or other appropriate administrator. Refer to the NDI Leave Policies and Programs on the Chancellors Office, Systemwide Human Resources web site. Questions should be directed to the Chancellor's Office of Human Resources.  

PIMS Coding Matrix

Data Element



205 - Transaction Codes



210 - Effective Date



215 - Employment History Remarks



715 - Service Pay Period



565 - Injury / Illness Code



565 - Injury / Illness Date



565 - Injury / Illness Benefits Date



606 - Time to be Paid (New Position)



607 - Time to be Paid (Old Position)



640 - Last Day Physically Worked



645 - Payroll Return Date



719 - Detail Transaction Code



810 - Settlement Pay  (Line G Item)



957 - Eligibility Substantiation (Line G Item)



999 - Code Deductions from Separation Pay (Line G Item)



General Information

  1. An employee must be reinstated before being placed on any other type of leave. (Refer to #3b below, if the employee is on a pending 565 Code 7).

  2. The effective date is the first day or part of day the employee is off regular pay status. The effective date of NDI leave may not necessarily be the same date the employee is approved for NDI benefit payments.

  3. If the employee exhausts accumulated sick leave credits (and vacation/CTO if so elected) before the campus has received the D8500 form authorizing NDI benefit payments, process a Transaction 565 (Code 7) to remove the employee from active payroll status. Do not submit a Form 603 and do not process a transaction to place the employee on a leave of absence, NDI or Roll Code 9. When the D8500 form is received and the claim is approved, process a Transaction S49. The effective date must agree with the date previously reported on the 565 Code 7. Do not void the 565 (Code7) unless it has an invalid effective date.

    1. If the claim is denied and the length of absence is 15 days or less (an informal leave) process a Transaction 565 (Code 4) to return the employee to active payroll status. The effective date is the date the employee returned to work. Review the length of absence to determine if it is necessary to process a Transaction 715 to disqualify the pay period. If the NDI is subsequently approved, process an Transaction S49, void the 565 (Code 4) and process an Transaction A57.

    2. If the claim is denied and the length of absence exceeds 15 days, place the employee on a formal leave of absence (Transaction S42) or initiate other appropriate separation action. The effective date is the first day or part of day the employee was off regular pay status, and should agree with the date of the original Transaction 565 (Code 7). Do not void the Transaction 565 (Code 7).

  4. An employee’s position number is not normally changed while the employee is on leave status. Refer to Nonindustrial Disability Leave under Special Instructions. For additional information, refer to the  NDI Leave Policies and Programs on the Chancellors Office, Systemwide Human Resources web site.

  5. Refer to Transaction A54, for additional information on NDI processing for eligible Extension and Summer Session faculty.

  6. Refer to Special Instructions and Personnel Letter 96-014 for additional information on NDI-Subsidy for Donated Sick Leave.

  7. Employees who are receiving catastrophic leave donations (Item 957, code 40) will appear on the appropriate SSI Suspense list. Please review the list and process a Transaction MSA as appropriate. If the SSI should be denied for reasons other than the current disability, follow SSI denial procedures. If the employee has disqualifying time, process a Transaction 715 for each pay period to be disqualified.

  8. Employees who are receiving catastrophic leave donations (Item 957, code 40) are entitled to a GSI. The GEN Transaction will be processed manually by CSU Audits.

Audit Instructions

  1. If Item 719 is completed with code 90 and the employee has a Red Circle/Plus Salary Rate, process a  Transaction 215 with the same effective date to enter the appropriate Code in Item 719 (71-76). Otherwise, complete Item 719 as appropriate.

  2. If the NDI is not extended, process a Transaction A57 (refer to  A57 regarding IDL/TD) then process a  Transaction S42 (BOB).

  3. If processing NDI effective mid-month for a faculty (AY), 10/12 or 11/12 employee:

  1. If the NDI is effective in a prior pay period for a faculty (AY), 10/12 or 11/12 employee, and a Transaction 565, Code 7, was processed and the employee did not return in the same pay period, enter the number of days in Time To Be Paid (Item 606) and the total amount due in Settlement Pay (Item 810). The effective date and time must agree with the Transaction 565, Code 7.

  2. If the transaction is to be voided and re-entered, and Settlement Pay (Item 810) was completed, refer to Item 810 before keying.

  3. If the employee is subsidizing with donated Sick Leave, enter code '40' in Item 957 - Eligibility Substantiation.

Furlough Instructions Effective 7/31/2009 Through:


  1. Do not delete Item 957 on the S49 transaction.  Process a CRO Transaction to remove the furlough code effective the date leave credit usage begins or the same date and hours as the S49 transaction.

  2. When coding an Item 606 refer to Personnel Letter 09-021.


*Date determined per respective campus AY calendar

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