Human Resources Administration

Three Year Temporary Appointments

General Information
  • Temporary faculty unit employees with six or more years of consecutive service as defined in Article 12.12 of the Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agreement who have performed satisfactorily are entitled to three-year temporary appointments.  This provision does not apply to coaches.
  • Eligibility for a three-year appointment is based on employment in a single department on a single campus.  For example, a temporary faculty member who taught for six consecutive years (as defined in Article 12) in Department A and had also taught for two years in Department B would become eligible for a three-year appointment in Department A, with an entitlement based on his/her work in Department A.  If the lecturer continued to teach in Department B and reached a total of six consecutive years of teaching in Department B, he/she would also become eligible for a three-year appointment in Department B.  Each appointment and entitlement would be tracked separately.
  • The time base of an initial appointment is established based on the “similar assignment” provisions of article 12.3. 
  • Temporary faculty unit employees holding three-year appointments shall have the expectation of appointment to a subsequent three-year appointment except in instances of documented unsatisfactory performance or serious conduct problems.
  • The time base of a subsequent three-year appointment is determined by the time-base held during the third year of the prior three-year appointment. In the event there is insufficient work to support an employee’s re-appointment at the previous time base, the time base of his/her successor three-year appointment may be reduced to reflect available work for which the temporary faculty member is qualified.
  • If at the end of a three-year appointment, no work exists in the department to support the subsequent appointment of the lecturer or if the time base of the lecturer was zero during the third year of her/his appointment, the lecturer is entitled to be placed on a department recall list for a period of up to 3 years.
  • While the time base of a three year part-time appointment may increase or decrease over the three year period based on the availability of work, the entitlement does not change over the appointment period.  For example, if a temporary faculty member receives a three-year appointment with an entitlement of 18 units per year but only is assigned 12 units in year one, the faculty member still has an entitlement to 18 units in year two and year three.
  • If an appointment spans consecutive academic years with no scheduled break in service, or is a continuing 12-month appointment, the employee does not need to be separated until the time base drops to zero, or the appointment ends, or the nature of the appointment changes.
  • If during the three-year appointment period, the employee is not continuously employed, the appointment duration and end date must be accurately reflected. For example, if the employee only works Fall semester within the academic year over the three-year appointment period, the employee must be separated at the end of the Fall semester each academic year.  Note that while the employee must be separated for Payroll purposes in this scenario, under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement the employee’s three year appointment is still considered to be ongoing.
  • Any questions about appointments, reappointments, entitlements, or other issues associated with three year temporary appointments should be directed to the campus Faculty Affairs/Academic Personnel Office.