Human Resources Administration

Salary Program Guidelines for Faculty (Unit 3) Employees

Summer Term Employment for Extra Pay

Processing Instructions

PIMS Employment History (EH) Payroll Impact:

Processing Responsibility:


Processing Date(s):


Effective Date:

Summer Term

PIMS Transaction:


Detailed Transaction Code (Item 719)


EH Remarks (Item 215)


Pay Amount:

Varies by employee

Pay Form:


Lump Sum Earnings ID:


Employees on Leave:


Additional Information:

  • Item 310, Salary per = U
  • Item 335, Range: 1 - Semester campus, 2 - Quarter campus
  • Item 365, Base = Unit between 0.1 - 15
  • Item 365, Rate = Between the minimum and maximum rate for the range
  • Item 365, Total Amount = Base * Rate
  • Item 405, Time Base = IND
  • Item 505, Retirement = Refer to PIMS Manual

SCO Personnel Letter:



CMS Instructions:

Workforce Administration:

Action Reason(s):

    - Effective Date: Campus determined
    - Job Code(s): 2357/2457
    - Job Comp Frequency (Item 310)
    - Grade (Item 335)
    - Expected End Date: Campus Determined
    - Comp Rate x Unit = Session Rate (Item 365)
    - Empl Type: H (Hourly); Empl Class: Immediate Pay; FTE: Ind (Item 405)
    - Retirement Code: Refer to PIMS (Item 505)
Temporary Faculty:

Same as Above



Time and Labor: N/A
Leave Accounting: N/A
Absence Management: N/A
Labor Cost Distribution: N/A
Additional Instructions: N/A

PIP Processing Information:

Processing Responsibility:

The campuses are responsible for keying lump sum payments

Processing Date(s):

Upon completion of the emplyee's assignment OR at the end of the summer term, as appropriate.

Earnings ID:



Varies by employee ($150.00 per WTU of direct instruction)

Subject to Retirement Witholdings:




Subject to Medicare/Social Security:


Included in Calculation for Overtime:


Included in Calculation for NDI/IDL Payments: No

Earnings Statement Description:


Additional Information

  • Only one payment can be processed for the summer term reflecting the total amount due, at the end of the assignment or summer term as appropriate.
  • GW must be keyed using the employee's regular faculty position in a month that regular pay is issued (e.g., June, July and August for probationary and tenured faculty). If the summer session ends in July, the campus can key the payment effective July pay period using the employee's regular faculty position if regular pay is being issued in July.

CMS Processing Information:

Workforce Administration:


Temporary Faculty:




Time and Labor:

Earnings ID: GW

  • Process via Additional Pay
  • Amount varies as indicated above
Leave Accounting: N/A
Absence Management: N/A
Labor Cost Distribution: N/A
Additional Instructions: N/A

Processing Instructions for Faculty Members Paid Above the Salary Range Maximum
Summer salary rates keyed above or below the range will not be accepted in the state uniform payroll system. To pay the summer salary rate to (Full) Professors paid above the salary range maximum, campuses must process the Special Payment (A54) Transaction on two lines, with the 2nd line having an effective date on the next (business) day.   Both payments should be keyed at same number of units.


The salary range for class 2457 (Range 1/semester campus) is $993 - $4280. A Full Professor’s academic year salary is $135,960 and she teaches 6 units during the summer term. The pay rate for this faculty member should be:

Summer Salary Rate Per Unit = (AY Full-time Salary)/30

$135,960/30 = $4,532 per unit

The expected total pay for the summer would be:

$4,532 x 6 units = $27,192.

Since a rate of $4,532 is greater than the salary range maximum rate per unit, it is necessary to split the payment into two appointments. The difference between $4,532 and the range maximum is only $252. However, each appointment must be for at least the range minimum of $993 per unit.  Therefore, in this instance, one line can be set at the minimum of $993 per unit and the other line can be set at the difference between $4,532 and $993, or $3,539.

Total payment for summer term employment would be processed as follows:

Line 1:   $ 3,539 x 6 WTU’s      =  $21,234

Line 2:   $   993 x 6 WTU’s      =  $  5,958

Total Payment               =  $27,192