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Summer Term Employment for Extra Pay

General Information
  • Summer term employment for extra pay includes payments for summer programs at quarter and semester campuses, including indirect instructional payment and summer health benefits stipends for affected faculty members.
  • Faculty unit employees are appointed to summer term employment classifications based upon state-supported or self-supported funding.
  • Faculty members in classifications 2357 and 2457 may be paid upon conclusion of each teaching session/assignment. The campus may also pay the faculty member at intervals during the summer term provided that compensation is not paid in advance of work performed.
  • Tenured and probationary faculty member who teach in a state-supported summer term and who do not have a specific compensated indirect instructional assignment are entitled to a payment of $150 per unit taught. If a tenured or probationary faculty member is employed in more than one session over the summer term, the indirect instructional payment will be paid via lump sum upon completion of the last session/assignment.
  • Lecturers eligible for the summer health benefits stipend are paid for the July, August and/or September pay periods during which s/he was ineligible for CalPERS health benefits via lump sum upon completion of the last session/assignment.
  • Weighted Teaching Units (WTU’s) taught by lecturers in state-supported summer terms count towards units required for SSI eligibility pursuant to provision 12.10 of the Faculty Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • For information regarding sick leave accrual and usage and eligibility for disability programs for affected faculty members during state-supported summer sessions at semester campuses, access Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2004-18. This information is pertinent to class 2457, implemented in 2006, subsequent to the publishing of the 2004 memo:
  • Current fiscal year summer program information can be accessed via Technical Letter HR/SA 2011-09:
Historical Summary Grid:

State-Supported Summer Term Employment Classifications:


Supported Summer



Humboldt & Sacramento Campuses

San Bernardino, Bakersfield, Stanislaus & Semester Campuses












may use


If part of







2158, 2160, 2282


2001, 2002, 2003, 2005

2158, 2160, 2282


Salary During Self-Supported Summer Session at all Campuses 2006 forward

2357 – Instructional Faculty, Summer Session - Extension

Processing Instructions:

Technical Letter HR/Salary 2011-09, Attachment A:

Processing Instructions for Faculty Members Paid Above the Salary Range Maximum

Summer salary rates keyed above or below the range will not be accepted in the state uniform payroll system. To pay the summer salary rate to (Full) Professors paid above the salary range maximum, campuses must process the Special Payment (A54) Transaction on two lines with the same effective date. Both payments should be keyed at same number of units.


The salary range for class 2457 (Range 1/semester campus) is $993 - $4280. A Full Professor’s academic year salary is $132,000 and teaches 6 units during the summer term employment. The professor’s summer salary rate per unit ($4,400) is greater than the salary range maximum rate per unit. Line 2 is at $993 per unit since that is the salary range minimum.

Summer Salary Rate Per Unit = (AY Full-time Salary)/30

132,000/30 = $4,400

Total payment for summer term employment would be processed as follows:

Line 1:   $ 3407 x  6 WTU’s      =  $20,442

Line 2:   $   993 x  6 WTU’s      =  $  5,958

              Total Payment         =  $26,400